Cruise Port Guides from the Middle East:

Aqaba – Jordan
Ashdod – Israel
Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Haifa – Israel
Muscat – Oman
Salalah – Oman

Find the Cruise Port Guides for the Middle East underneath. In the Cruise Port Guides from the far east you will find free maps, docking location, port information, transportation options and lots more. Learn all you need to know before visiting the ports of call on your next cruise. Select the port of call you are looking for underneath.

  • Visit Petra from cruise port Aqaba
    Aqaba - Jordan
    Aqaba is a town of 135.000 inhabitants situated at the northeastern tip of the Red Sea. It is the largest city on the Gulf of Aqaba and Jordan’s only coastal city. Aqaba is a town that attracts many...
  • Ashdod - Israel
    Ashdod is a city known for its harbor. At the moment it has 210.000 inhabitants and it is also known as one of the city’s in Israel with the biggest growth. It is a city with a very long...
  • Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Dubai is that tiny emirate with 2,1 million inhabitants and without doubt this is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. An army of men is working around the clock to build the city that the whole...
  • Haifa -Israel
    There is a famous saying that goes: “In Tel Aviv they dance, in Jerusalem they pray, but in Haifa we work.” Haifa is the 3rd largest city in Israel with 300.000 inhabitants. It is the centre of international trade...
  • Muscat - Oman
    Muscat is the capital city of Oman with about 3.1 million inhabitants. It is a forward-thinking, progressive city much loved by its citizens. It truly is a fascinating city and a destination on its own. It simply is the...
  • Salalah - Oman
    If you want to go to the true middle east you will find a very nice example in Salalah. Salalah is the 2nd biggest city of Oman with a little over 200.000 inhabitants. It has that great combination of...