North America’s Cruise Port Guides:

Fort Lauderdale – USA
Glacier Bay – Alaska
Haines – Alaska
Juneau – Alaska
 Ketchikan – Alaska
San Diego – USA
Seward – Alaska
Sitka – Alaska 
 Skagway – Alaska
Vancouver – Canada
Victoria – Canada

Find the Cruise Port Guides for the Alaska, North America underneath. In the Cruise Port Guides you will find free maps, docking location, port information, transportation options and lots more. Learn all you need to know before visiting the ports of call on your next cruise. Select the port of call you are looking for underneath.

  • Fort Lauderdale cruise port
    Fort Lauderdale - USA
    Fort Lauderdale’s port Port Everglade is the 2nd largest in the state. This is because Fort Lauderdale is the perfect start and end point for cruises going to Caribbean. In the weekends the port is often accommodating 8 cruise...
  • Glacier bay scenic cruising
    Glacier Bay - Alaska - USA
    When cruising Alaska there is a large chance your ship will spend a full day cruising through Glacier Bay National Park. Therefore Cruise Crocodile will not offer the regular port guide in this case, but a special guide for...
  • Juneau - Alaska - USA
    Juneau is the smallest state capital of the largest state of the United States: Alaska. It is the gateway to the glaciers, wildlife and nature. Perhaps it’s even the best port of call in Southeast Alaska. The town is...
  • Haines - Alaska - USA
    Haines is a simple authentic town of 2600 inhabitants in Southeast Alaska. It is the heart of the Chilkat valley, the historic capital of Tlingit Indian culture and art, the first permanent army base in Alaska and adventure capital...
  • Ketchikan - Alaska - USA
    Ketchikan is the salmon capital of the world and the 4th wettest place on earth, famous for its working girls, totem poles and Misty Fjords. Originally Ketchikan was founded in 1885 when canning salmon would become their main industry....
  • San Diego cruise destination
    San Diego - USA
    San Diego is a port of call often included in Panama Canal and Pacific cruises. It receives almost 100 cruise ship calls every year. It is California’s 2nd largest city and perhaps best known for its beaches, incredible weather...
  • Seward - Alaska - USA
    Seward is considered to be the gateway to the North. Many cruise ships drop off or pick up guests here who booked a cruise in combination with an overland tour to Denali National Park.
  • Sitka - Alaska - USA
    Sitka is a popular spot for cruise ships. Sitka sits in the Alexander Archipelago on the Baranof Island. It is situated in a bay which makes for quite convenient temperatures. Most ships are at anchor when visiting Sitka and...
  • Skagway - Alaska - USA
    Skagway is the Garden City of Alaska since 1910 and the gateway of the Klondike Gold Rush of 1898. With just under a 1000 inhabitants this tiny town is everything what you would expect of a small Alaskan settlement....
  • Cruise dock Vancouver - cruise terminal Canada Place
    Vancouver - Canada
    Vancouver is without doubt one of the best cities in North America. It is Canada’s 3rd largest city with over 600.000 inhabitants. Although the city of Vancouver is quite spread out your main sights are all within walking distance...
  • Victoria - Canada
    Victoria is the beautiful and charming capital city of British Columbia – Canada. Most cruise ships will dock here for a few hours on the last night of their cruise to Alaska. That gives you the perfect opportunity to...