British isles & Western European cruise port guides

A Coruna – Spain

Amsterdam – the Netherlands

Cadiz – Spain

Dunmore East – Ireland

Funchal – Madeira – Portugal

Greenock – Scotland

Ijmuiden – Europe

Kirkwall – Scotland

Lanzarote – Spain

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – Spain

Le Havre – France

Leixoes – Portugal

Lerwick – Scotland

Lisbon – Portugal  

Portimao – Portugal

Portree – Scotland

Rotterdam – the Netherlands

Santa Cruz – Tenerife – Spanje

Southampton – England

Vigo – Spanje

Find the Cruise Port Guides for the British isles & Western Europe underneath. In the Cruise Port Guides you will find free maps, docking location, port information, transportation options and lots more. Learn all you need to know before visiting the ports of call on your next cruise. Select the port of call you are looking for underneath.  

  • A Coruña – Spain
    This city of about 250.000 inhabitants is the Galicia’s wealthiest city and until recently the largest city and capital of the region. A Coruna still holds a certain statues in Galicia and many would still call this the best...
  • Amsterdam - the Netherlands
    Amsterdam is a city unlike any other. It is the capital city of the Netherlands and has about 825.000 inhabitants. It is a city known for its folklore, tulips and canals, but also has a reputation for its tolerance,...
  • Cádiz - Spain
    The cruise destination that never disappoints! Cádiz is loved by everyone who visits it. The city is that small peninsula of 1800 by 1200 meter in the Atlantic ocean. That makes is it a small compact town to explore...
  • Dunmore East - Ireland
    In the South East region of Ireland is where we find Dunmore East. A peaceful small place with about 1600 inhabitants. This fishing village is a gem to explore with its quaint streets, thatched roofs and beautiful Irish coastline....
  • Cruise dock information Madeira
    Funchal - Madeira - Portugal
    The small city of 110.000 inhabitants is the capital city of the beautiful island of Madeira. This destination was even recently chosen as the best island in the world by Tripadvisor. This is a title is holds up to....
  • Greenock - Scotland
    Greenock is a friendly little place of 45.000 inhabitants. It is one of the major ship construction centres in Scotland, the birthplace of James Watt and so much more.
  • Ijmuiden - the Netherlands
    Ijmuiden is a small town of just under 50.000 inhabitants at the mouth of the North Sea Canal going to Amsterdam. Ijmuiden has a few sights that are worth visiting, but many people will chose to go a little...
  • Kirkwall - Scotland
    Kirkwall is a small town with 9000 inhabitants. It is the administration centre of the Orkney islands. At first sight it might look like the town has little to offer, but this is to the contrary. There is a...
  • Lanzarote - Canary Islands - Spain
    The island of Lanzarote is one of the Canary islands. It is an amazing place to explore. This unique and mesmarizing moon landscape is a geological wonder. The volcanoes have shaped and coloured this landscape for centuries.
  • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - Spain
    We can find 380.000 inhabitants in Las Palmas. This city is on the island of Gran Canaria which is part of the Canary islands just off the coast of Morocco. Las Palmas, together with Santa Cruz, is the co-capital...
  • Le Havre cruise terminal
    Le Havre - France
    Over 250.000 tourists visit Le Havre by cruise ship every single year. It is a popular destination because you can venture out to Paris, Rouen, Versailles, the Landing Beaches and lots of other places of interest.
  • Leixões - Porto - Portugal
    Leixões is the name of the port closest to Porto. The port is about 9 km from the city centre of Porto. This town has approximately 240.000 inhabitants and it is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Many,...
  • Lisbon - Portugal
    This massive city of 2,7 million is something different. It is not just your ordinary Portuguese city. Lisbon is Lisbon which is a character on its own. It is the capital city of Portugal that also serves as the...
  • Portimão - Portugal
    Portimão is with 44.000 inhabitants the 2nd biggest city of the Algarve in Portugal. It is a city built in the 18th century, but already inhabited by many before that time. Here you will the old fishermen’s quarters, Portuguese...
  • Portree - Scotland
    Portree is the capital of Scotland’s 2nd largest island: Skye. Portree has approximately 2300 inhabitants, which is about a third of the entire population of the Isle of Skye. Portree is the largest centre of the island and almost...
  • Southampton - England
    Southampton is the largest city in the county of Hampshire on the south coast of England. It has a population of approximately 250.000. This historical town might be small but is quite remarkable. Excavations show finding of over 9000...
  • Rotterdam - the Netherlands
    Think about the Netherlands and you will probably think of canals, old warehouses and wooden shoes. Rotterdam is complete opposite. It is the 2nd largest city in the Netherlands with 625.000 inhabitants and it is like no other city...
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Spain
    Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a city of about 200.000 on the island of Tenerife, which is part of the Canary islands. In the middle of the Atlantic ocean off the southern coast of Morocco we find a...
  • Vigo - Spain
    Vigo is a rather large town of 300.000 inhabitants that earned the nickname ” The Green Spain”. It is Spain’s busiest fishing port. Life of Vigo has always been dedicated to the sea, although it is also a popular...