Langkawi cruise destinationWelcome to the Porto Malai – Langkawi cruise port guide. Langkawi is a Malaysian archipelago of 104 islands just 30 km off the coast of Malaysia. The islands are known for their exquisite beaches and their geological treasures. You will find lots of things to see and do here in this tourist paradise. Go visit one of the many white sandy beaches, the famous cable car and sky bridge or perhaps take a boat out to one of the smaller supreme islands.

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Langkawi cruise dock

This is the Porto Malai cruise dock.

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Cruise dock Porto Malai Langkawi

This will be your view over the cruise port from the cruise ship. Find the Resort World Langkawi at the end of the long pier.

Cruise Porto Malai Langkawi information

There is usually a currency exchange facility on the pier.

Cruise dock Port Malai Langkawi taxis

You will find taxis waiting for your on the cruise dock.

Taxis at the end of the Langkawi cruise dock

You can also find taxis at the end of the cruise dock.

Resort World Langkawi at the cruise dock

As you walk of the pier you will walk straight into Resort World Langkawi

Porto Malai boat trips from cruise terminal

Find this beach at the exit of Resort World Langkawi. Go for a nice drink or fix yourself a boat ride to one of the remote islands of the Archipelago.

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Cruise port Porto Malai – Langkawi – Malaysia: docked

Your cruise ship will dock at Porto Malai. This cruise dock is also known as the Star Cruise Jetty or Awana pier. You will find this cruise port on the southern part of the Malaysian island of Langkawi. The Langkawi cruise port offers great facilities. There is often a currency exchange desk on the cruise dock. You will always find taxis and taxi vans on the cruise dock and at the exit of the port.

At the exit of the port you will also find Resort world Langkawi. This is where you will find great facilities like swimming pools, wi-fi, restaurants, bars, tour agents and a spa.

Shuttle services

Most cruise lines offer a shuttle service to the nearest beach (Cenang beach) or town. Please check with the front office on board if this will be the case for your cruise.


There are plenty of taxis available at the Langkawi cruise dock. Official taxis are red and taxi vans are white coloured. There are usually also a handful of taxis at the cruise dock. These taxis are usually more expensive than the ones waiting for you at the exit of the port, which is around 200 yard walk.
Negotiate a price before you step into the taxi. A taxi to the city centre usually costs around 80-100 RM one way. Taxis vans also quite commonly offer their “shuttle” service to the Cenang beach for just a few dollars per person.

Local Currency

The local currency is Ringgit Malaysia (RM). Please keep in mind some places take US dollars, some do not. There is usually a currency exchange facility at the dock. Your cruise ship might also offer exchange services for this currency.

Boat tours

If you would like to visit one of the many islands surrounding Porto Malai you can do this by organised shore excursion. Alternatively you can arrange an excursion in port at one of the local tour operators at Resort world Langkawi. You can also find some local boats who are more than happy to take give you a tour of the islands. You can find them just outside Resort world Langkawi. Find their exact location in the map above. These boats are about a 10 minute walk from the dock.

Beaches near the cruise terminal

There is a small beach just outside Resort World Langkawi at 10 minutes walking distance. This beach has no facilities and we couldn’t really recommend is.
The nearest beach with facilities is Penang beach.

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Official currency – Ringgit
Accepts Us dollars – are often accepted
Creditcards – are widely accepted

Drives on the – left
Timezone – UTC +8


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Inhabitants – 30 million
Official language – Bahasa Malaysia
Capital city – Kuala Lumpur

Malaysian Federation
Government – Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy


[wc_tab title=”Language“]

Good day – Hari yang baik
How are you? – Apa khabar?
Thank you – Terima Kasih
Cruise ship – Kapal pester
Port – Pelabuhan




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