Cruise port NaplesWelcome to the Naples cruise port guide. Naples is a city of 3,1 million inhabitants. It is one of the largest cities in Europe and one of the oldest in Italy. It has more monuments, churches and convents in its historical centre than any other city on earth. It is not for nothing that the entire historical centre is on the UNESCO world heritage list. It is a gem to explore, from the busy shopping streets of La Toledo to the typical streets of the Spanish quarter. It seems like everything is a little bit more extravagant in Naples. Its city is just a little bit older, more artistic and more delicious than the rest of Italy.

Find the finest pieces of archaeology and art in its museum, go on the search for the best margarita pizza and take part in street life in Naples. But it is not just about the city in this port of call. Don’t forget that this is the gateway to Amalfi coast, Pompei, Herculaneum, Capri and Sorrento. From ancient excavations, to world famous scenery, to the old city of Naples. There is always something new to explore not far from the ship. Check the cruise travel guide underneath to learn about your options.

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Cruise Terminal Naples

This is the beautiful cruise terminal of Naples. Inside you’ll find facilities like wi-fi, souvenir shops, post office and tourist information.

Cruise Terminal Naples has several facilities

There is wi-fi at the snack bar inside the terminal.

Find the tram and bus stop in front of the cruise terminal of Naples.

In front of the terminal you’ll find a crossing where you can catch tram 1 and bus 151. Both of them go to the Garibaldi station where you can pick up the train to Pompeii and other destinations.

Cruise terminal taxi prices for Naples

In front of the terminal you will find a sign like this with the taxi prices on them. It is always wise to first check this one before making a deal with a taxi driver.

Kiosk for public transport tickets at cruise terminal Naples.

When traveling with bus, tram and/or train you need to get a ticket. This kiosk on the crossing in front of the terminal is where you can buy all your day and single cards for public transport. If you mention you are going to Pompeii he will give you one ticket valid for bus/tram and train.

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Cruise Port Guide Naples – Italy: docked

Cruise ships dock at Naples Stazione Marittima. The cruise terminal in Naples is right in front of the city centre of Naples. From here you can easily explore the city by foot. The cruise terminal has all the facilities you could want like post office, tourist information, shops, wi-fi etc.

The cruise terminal lies at a very convenient place and still Naples has all the facilites to easily get further afield. Check underneath what the most popular options are:

Taxis in Naples
Taxis are available outside the cruise terminal. These taxis have a meter, but they’dd rather make a deal with you before you step in. In front of the cruise terminal the prices are also on display. To name you a few:
– Taxi tour to Amalfi = 130 euro
– Taxi tour to Vesuvisu = 90 euro
– Taxi tour to Pompei = 90 euro

The tain system around Naples is very extensive and its a great way to get around. Here is what you need to know about the train:

Naples Circumvesuviana
This is the name of the train that goes from Naples around Mt. Vesuvius. You can reach all of the mayor Vesuvius excavation sights with this line. The trains go frequent and are cheap. Go from the cruise terminal to the train station Napoli Garibaldi by taking tram 1 or bus 15, walk 2,5 km or take a 7 euro taxi ride.
Buy a TIC ticket at the booth at the main road in front of the terminal. This ticket is valid for public transport in Naples and for the train.
The trains go very frequent, but if you want you can check the train schedule at
The following stations connect to the following sights:
Pompei – scavi villa misteri = Pompei. Train ride takes +/- 35 minutes. Station is 200 meters from the sight.
Ercolano Scavi Station = Herculaneum. Train ride takes +/- 16 minutes. Station is 800 meters from the sight.
You can even go further afield with the train to Sorrento for example. This train ride takes just over an hour.

In front of the terminal directly to the left as you exit the terrain you will find a ferry station called Molo Beverello. Catch the ferry to Capri or Sorrento from here. These ferries go pretty frequent, but it is wise to check the schedule on

Hop on hop off bus
You will find the red dubble decker busses in Naples close to where you dock. There has been a lot of construction work at the door step of the Naples Cruise Centre and therefore it could be that if you don’t see the bus right away it leaves from behind the castle in front of the cruise terminal.
The bus only stays in Naples and it is wheelchair accessible.

Distances from the cruise terminal to:
City centre = less than 1 km walk
Via Toledo = 1,2 km walk uphill
Arcehological museum = 2,5 km walk uphill
Via dei Tribunali = 2 km walk uphill

Herculaneum = 15 km / 20 min drive south east
Pompei = 27 km / 30 min drive south east
Sorrento = 50 km / 1 hrs 15 min drive south
Amalfi coast = 60 km / 1 hrs 30 min drive south
Capri = 43 km south. Can only be reached by ferry.


    Spanish quarter
    Just north of Via Toledo you will find the Sqanish quater. This among the locals in known as the area suffering from high unemployment, but to many it also doesn't get any more typical than this. Just looking at this picture already you see this is the Naples as you had envisioned it.
    Molo Beverello ferry station
    This ferry station is right in front of the cruise terminal. You will come across it as you walk out. This is where you can catch the ferry to Capri or Sorrento. These ferries go pretty frequent, but it is wise to check the schedule ahead of time on
    Graffiti and street art
    As you are walking down in the street in Naples you will notice that graffiti and street art is all over the place. Although not many people of a big fan of street art and don't think that it changes the look of the street for the better keep in mind that graffiti has been popular in this area for over 2000 years. Pompei used to be cluttered with graffiti on the walls. It was a way of sending a message across and it still is.
    Castle Sant'Elmo
    Naples has 4 castles. On top of the hill lies the "baby" castle. It is a star shaped military fortress on top of the Vomero Hill. Visit the castle and have look in its Novecento museum, High Prison and collection of modern art.
    Margherita pizza from Naples
    If you were go for lunch at the Earl of Sandwich you order a sandwich. If you go for lunch in Naples you order a margharita pizza. This is the place where pizza was invented in the 16th century. Later in 1889 the Margherita pizza was invented when Queen consort of Italy, Margherita of Savoy, visited Naples. Especially for her they made a pizza that resembles the colors on the Italian flag.
    Napoli shops
    In the historical centre of Napels you will find the most unusual things. Like the shop you see on this picture. Keep your eyes open for little things like this and when you spot it, step in! You never know what you find inside.
    Spaccanapoli / Via dei Tribunali
    Spaccanapoli means "Split Naples" and this is exactly what it does. It is a perfect straight street and it runs directly through the historical district of Naples. Walk it from begin to end to come across the most famous monuments, churches and sights of the city.
    Recommended city walk
    Cruise crocodile will soon have a recommended city walk available.
    Crib makers street
    On the Via San Gregorio Armeno you will find "Crib makers street" (see map). Visit this street to see the nativity scene makers at work on their Neapolitan Crib. This happens year round although during Christmas more than half a million tourist come to see the shops with the original miniature figurines and the shops.
    Duomo Napoli
    This is the main church of Naples from the 11th century.
    Castel Nuovo
    In front of the cruise terminal you can already see one of the eye catchers of the city: Castel Nuovo. It is a medieval castle that distinguishes itself by its architecture and history. Take a look inside the castle and visit its museum.
    Piazza del Plebiscito
    This square forms the centre one which a lot of the most important buildings of Napels are located on. Make sure not to miss this part of the city. It is named for the plebiscite in 1863 that brought Naples into the unified Kingdom of Italy.
    Pizzaria Da Michele
    Blessed with the title "World's best pizza" and straight out of the blockbuster movie "Eat, Pray, Love" with Julia Roberts this place must be the most popular spot in Naples. It is a tiny pizzeria where drinks come in plastic cups and pizzas only come in margherita or marinara. Keep in mind there might be lines, but you always have to option on going to the pizzeria across the street.
    At just about 30 minutes drive from Naples you will find one of the most famous excavations in the world. This ancient city got covered in ashed after the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. The archeological site is something remarkable and not to be missed. Be sure to bring (audio) guide to get a picture behind the ruins.
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    Scenic cruising around Naples
    This picture was shot while sailing out of Naples. It shows the city's beautiful skyline and its cruise port. But this is not the only thing to see when sailing in and out of Naples. Your ship will also be close to Mt. Vesuvius and the island of Capri. Keep an eye outside when sailing in and out and keep your camera ready.
    Galleria Umberto
    If you are going shopping this is a spot not to miss. In the middle of the shopping district you will find this beautiful gallery. It is a public shopping mall from 1887. Why not start any shopping trip in Naples here?
    The street artists of Naples
    One of the charming things about Naples is that the street artists do color the city with music. Always have coins at hand to show them your appreciation.
    Piazza del Gesú Nuovo
    At one of the random picturesque squares (Gese Nuovo square) in Naples is where you are going to come across this unusual gothic structure. You will find the church of Gesú Nuovo, church of Santa Chiara and the spire of the Immaculate Virgin here.