Cruise Destination Port KlangWelcome to the Cruise Port Guide Port Klang – Malaysia. Port Klang is the gateway to Kuala Lumpur. It is the port that is closest to this magnificent city. Kuala Lumpur is a city with 1,6 million inhabitants and it is Southeast Asia’s youngest capital. It developed far beyond recognition in the last few decades. 2 centuries ago tin miners hacked a base out of the jungle and not this metropole is here to stay.

It is a city with a remarkable cultural diversity. Each ethnic group leaves their permanent mark on Kuala Lumpur. They shape the city and amazing traditions we find here. The city of Kuala Lumpur is basically one gigantic melting pot you simply have the explore.

Kuala Lumpur is about 60 km away from Port Klang and the nearest city to Port Klang is Klang. Klang is a rather small city that has limited sights to offer. Therefore we recommend you to get yourself on a shore excursion or in a taxi to avoid being stuck at the cruise terminal. Find out underneath how to get to Kuala Lumper and further afield.

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Dock at cruise terminal Port Klang

This is where the cruise ships normally dock. It can facilitate 2 large cruise ships.

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Cruise Terminal Port Klang - Malaysia

From the dock you walk on this long walk way to reach the cruise terminal

Cruise Terminal building Port Klang

In the cruise terminal you will find facilities like: currency exchange, wi-fi, taxi information desk, atm, tourist information and souvenirs shops.

Cruise taxi prices for Port Klang

There is a taxi information desk in the terminal that has the prices on display for you.

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Cruise Port Guide Port Klang – Malaysia: dock at Port Klang Cruise Centre

This is usually where cruise ships dock, although there is the occasional exception. Check with the front desk onboard of your cruise ship where they will dock in Port Klang.

The Port Klang Cruise Centre has all the facilities you could ask for: currency exchange, wi-fi, taxi information desk, atm, tourist information and souvenirs shops. The location of the cruise terminal is not ideal though. You basically arrive in the middle of nowhere in a huge industrial port. Therefore the cruise line should offer a shuttle service, but this is not always the case. If your ship provides a shuttle they usually take you to Klang, which is the closest town to the Port. This is often not at an ideal location to get further afield. Check the details with your cruise line about the drop off location.

If your ship does not offer a shuttle or if the shuttle does not go to a convenient location than a shore excursion or taxi would be the way to go. You can pre-arrange your excursion online or through the ship. You can also arrange a taxi through the taxi information desk inside the terminal upon arrival.

Taxis in Port Klang
The official taxis have a blue, red and/or white color and they have a meter.
The taxi prices are listed in the terminal. Keep the following prices in mind:
Two ways to Kuala Lumpur from the cruise terminal including sightseeing for max. 4 people will cost you 85 US dollar / 250 RM. One way to Klang (to for example the train station) is = 18 US dollar / 50 RM.

Public Transportation: ferry to Crab island and train to Kuala Lumpur

There is no public transportation available in the port. You could however take a taxi to the train station in Klang and pick up the train to Kuala Lumpur or the Batu Caves. You can also catch the ferry to Crab Island just down the road from the train station. The taxi to the train station should cost 18 US dollars one way.

The train goes very frequent, it is incredibly cheap and reliable. Click HERE to see the train schedule from station Pel. Klang to KL Sentral and Batu Caves. For more information about the trains visit:

Destination and distance from port:

Pel. Klang train station = 14 km drive east
Klang = 22 km drive north east
Kuala Lumpur = 60 km drive north east
Batu Caves = 70 km drive north east

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Official currency – Ringgit
Accepts Us dollars – are often accepted
Creditcards – are widely accepted

Drives on the – left
Timezone – UTC +8


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Inhabitants – 30 million
Official language – Bahasa Malaysia
Capital city – Kuala Lumpur

Malaysian Federation
Government – Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy


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Good day – Hari yang baik
How are you? – Apa khabar?
Thank you – Terima Kasih
Cruise ship – Kapal pester
Port – Pelabuhan




    Official taxis
    These are the official taxis of the area. They are blue, white and red colored and they have a meter. At the taxi information desk in the terminal they work with these types of taxis.
    Petaling street
    This is where you will find KL's famous China Town. It is the heart of Kuala Lumpur that never sleeps. Explore this colorful neighbourhood, visit the souvenir shops or join the locals on the sidewalk for some authentic street food.
    KL tower
    Getting up the Petronas towers requires some preparation so why not go up the KL tower instead and have that brilliant view over the Petronas tower and Kuala Lumpur. At the KL tower base there are lots of things to do, but most people come here to take the elevator up to the top of the tower. A view is not guaranteed and therefore it is wise to take the weather into consideration.
    Petronas Twin Towers
    This iconic building is the headquarters or the national oil and gas company Petronas. You have the opportunity to go up by elevator but it is wise to prebook those tickets because they are often sold out on the day of. This building is simply something you have to have seen, wether you are going up or not.
    Suria KLCC
    This is the shopping mall at the base of the Petronas towers you do not want to miss. This 6 story shopping mall holds all the big international brands and more. Go shopping here and get a refreshment at the fountain just outside the mall.
    Batu Caves
    North of the city you will find the Batu Caves. This is one of the most popular sites in the area. Lord Murugan guards stands at the start of the 272 steps that lead all the way up the caves. The cave walls are lined with statues of Hindu gods including Murugan, Shiva and Ganesh. The cave was discovered by William Hornaday in 1878 and today it is still an important pilgrim site for Malaysian Hindu's. You can reach the batu caves by taxi or simply take the train "Batu Caves".
    KL Hop on hop off bus
    In Kuala Lumpur is a sightseeing bus. You could take the train from the train station in Klang and continue in Kuala Lumpur by hop on hop of bus for example.
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