Cruise Destination RostockWelcome to the Cruise Port Guide Rostock. During the dark ages Rostock used was one of the most important trading posts on the Baltic. As a Hanseatic town it grew strong and the wealth the Hansa brought to Rostock is still visible today in this beautiful town. And don’t forget: Rostock is the gateway to Berlin!

Berlin is the capital city of Germany. It takes about 3 hours to get to from Rostock, but it will be worth your while to get a glimpse of this immense city that offers a unique atmosphere in combination with great sights!

Cruise Port Guide Rostock – Germany: docked

Cruise ships dock somewhere in the port of Rostock. To check where your cruise ship will dock go to: Pier 1 to 8 is actually the cruise terminal in Warnemunde, which is a town nearby. The other docks are in the town of Rostock. The information underneath only applies to the docks in Rostock.

The cruise dock in Rostock has limited facilities. Because of the remote location of the dock your cruise line should offer a shuttle service into Rostock. Check this with the front office on board of your ship. The cruise dock in Rostock is about 13 km away from the city centre of Rostock.

Taxis in Rostock
There are usually taxis available at the port. Negotiate a price before you step in. Expect a taxi to Rostock will cost you about 25 euro one way.

Getting from Rostock to Berlin by train
Taking the train from Rostock to Berlin takes between 3 and 4 hours and costs between 40 and 50 euro one way. The train schedule is pretty infrequent. Always plan your journey ahead of time through this website: The train station to choose are Rostock Hbf and Berlin Hbf (main train station).

    Rostock is a town with 800 years of history. It is an old member of the Hanseatic League, which used to be the “European Union” of the middle ages. Find all kinds of architecture styles here like this 13th century city hall you see on the picture. A colourful mix of gothic and baroque.
    Rostock: astronomical clock
    In the St. Mary’s church in Rostock you will find this very unusual piece of science and art. It is the astronomical clock that has already been standing here since 1472 and ticking for over 500 years. Learn more about this beautiful piece and other works of art in the church.
    Warnemunde centre
    Warnemunde is a beautiful little town, just north of Rostock, that lights up as soon as the sun starts shining. In town you will find the beach, the lighthouse, teepott and canal to explore. Simply take the train from Rostock HBF to Warnemunde or take a taxi.
    Sachsenhausen concentration camp
    Sachsenhause was a Nazi concentration camp in Germany. It was build in 1936. When the camp was liberated in 1945 it would still operate as NKVD special camp nr. 7 by Stalinist Soviet occupied forces. Ten thousands of people would die on this small piece of land during these two decades of brutality. Visit Sachsenhausen and learn about the hars conditions of life and death of the prisoners. Find this concentration camp just north of Berlin. From the port it is about 2 hrs drive south.
    This 13th century capital of Berlin is something unique to explore. It is a gem of museum and sights that do not match any other city in Europe. Visiting Berlin takes some time from Warnemunde, but it will be worth your while. See the description above to find out how to get to Berlin from Rostock.