Cruise destination Singapore

Welcome to the Singapore cruise port guide. Singapore is a tiny country with 5,5 million inhabitants located all the way at the southern tip of the Malay peninsula. It is trendy, modern and bustling. It is one of the most powerful economies in the world known for its government efficiency, minimal correction and skilled workforce. How on earth it is possible that this country can be so successful whereas it has no natural resources?

The city is unlike anything you can find in Southeast Asia. It is completely different because it was build differently. It went from mangrove to metropole in under 200 years. Stamford Raffles made a city plan for Singapore 200 years ago. This plan proved itself worthy. It was based on the rational and efficient idea that ethnic groups, commercial and residence has to be separated. With this idea he started to build Singapore on a “blanc canvas”. All the mistakes made during the colonization of other areas would now finally be a lesson learned and therefore Singapore is so different from other Asian cities.

Singapore is the playground for the mega rich shaped by recently deceased Lee Kuan Yew, father of the nation. Now this Asian tiger is one of the leading countries in the world. The Singaporeans enjoy the best quality of life in Asia and it shows. Go explore this unique city and see for yourself why this works. Find out underneath what it is you want to do in this Cruise Port Guide Singapore.

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Docking spot at the Harbour Front Cruise Terminal of Singapore

Most ships dock at the Harbour Front Cruise Terminal. From here you walk straight into the Harbourfront Cruise Terminal / Shopping mall.

Singapore Harbour front cruise terminal

This building on the photo is the Harbour Front Cruise Terminal. It is a cruise terminal that has all you could wish for. Enjoy all the facilities they have here including the MTR station.

Wi-fi at cruise terminal Singapore

It is hard not to be connected when in Singapore. Already in the tube of the cruise terminal is where you’ll find your first free connection.

Harbour front cruise terminal Singapore

This is where you will exit the security zone and walk into the shopping mall of the Harbour front centre. From here just follow signs to any kind of facility: MRT, passenger services or taxi. In this hall you will also find ATM’s and exchange facilities.

Passenger services at the Harbour front cruise centre

At the Harbour Front Cruise centre you will have all kind of facilities like: Tourist information, taxi information desk etc.

The new Marine Bay Cruise Centre

The new cruise terminal is available since 2012 for a price tag of just 500 million SGD. Check with your cruise line where you are goig to be docked. Since most of the times the Harbour Front Cruise Terminal is used this information is based on the Harbour Front.

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Cruise Port Guide Singapore – Singapore: dock

Most cruise ships still dock at the Harbour Front Centre although your ship could also dock at the new Marine Bay Cruise Centre.  Public transportation is available at both terminals. Hopefully you will dock at the Harbour Front Cruise Centre because it might be just a little further from town, but you do have all the convience you would want.

From the Harbour Front Cruise Centre you have so many options when it comes to transportation. You will find this is where you pick up the MRT (Underground system), taxis, buses, monorail or cable car.

The MRT network of Singapore is absolutely perfect. Both cruise terminals link up with the MRT station. It is such an easy, fast and cheap light rail system to use that we could recommend it to everybody. Simply buy a ticket at the machine and off you go.
What will be nice to know is that the following MRT stations link up with the following attractions:

Sight – name MRT stop
Harbourfront Cruise Terminal – HarbourFront
Marine Bay Cruise Centre – Marina South Pier
Gardens by the Bay – Bayfront
Marine Bay Sands – Bayfront
Art Science museum – Bayfront
Raffles Place – Merlion
Promenade – Singapore flyer
Boat Quay – Boat Quay
Clarke Quay – Clarke Quay
China town – China Town
Bugis street – Bugis
Little India – Little India
Orchard road – Orchard, Somerset or Dhoby Ghaut

It is so easy. The system operates daily from 05:30 am to midnight. Fares range from 0.77 to 2.50 Singapore dollar. Standard tickets for single trip fares cost more than a day pass. Single tickets can be bought at the machine inside the MRT stations. The daycard or ez-link / tourist card can be bought from TransitLink Ticket Offices, It costs 10 SGD per day + a one time 10 SGD deposit. Roughly you could say that if you are planning on going by MRT for more than 5 rides in 1 day the ez link / tourist card will be worth it. The MRT is wheelchair accessible. Click here to be forwarded to the MRT website.

Officials taxis in Singapore
Taxis are available at the terminal. The taxis don’t have a fixed color, but they always have a taxi sign on the roof. They do have a meter. Taxis can be paid with Singapore dollar or credit card. Check on the window of the taxi what kid of credit card he will take.
A ride from the cruise terminal to the airport is about 25 SGD. Any ride from the cruise terminal into town should never around 10 SGD.

Hop on hop off bus Singapore
There is a hop on hop off bus available in Singapore. The cruise centres are not part of their normal loop. You can buy the ticket for the hop on hop off bus at the tourist information desk in the terminal and if enough people buy tickets the tourist information desk will arrange with the hop on hop off bus service to come pick you up at the terminal. If this is not the case you can pick it up at Suntec.

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Official currency – Singaporean dollar
Accepts Us dollars – no
Creditcards – are widely accepted

Drives on the – left
Timezone – UTC +8


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nhabitants – 5,5 million
Official language – English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil
Capital city – Singapore

Republic of Singapore
Government – Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic


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– Do they take USD in Singapore?
Generally no. Singapore dollar or credit card is the way to go here.

– How far is the cruise terminal from the city centre?
If you are docking at the Harbour Front Cruise Centre you will be about 7 km from the city centre of Singapore.

– Where can I change into Singapore dollars?
In the cruise terminal.



    Sentosa's cable car
    If you dock at the Harbour Front you will notice there is a cable car going over the ship. This cable car goes to Sentosa Island. It is a fun way to reach the island. Follow the signs in the cruise terminal that say Cable Car. You can also take the mono rail from Vivocity to Sentosa.
    Marina Bay Sands oberservation deck
    The oberservation deck on the Marina Bay Sands hotel is simply something you have to do while in Singapore. But if you are planning to go up there, why not go for a drink at the bar of Ku De Ta. Follow the signs in the lobby of the Marina Bay Sands hotel. The deck is open everyday from 09.30 am to 10 pm.
    Tekka wet market
    You'll find lots of different markets in Singapore. One of the best to visit is the Tekka Wet Market in Little India. Visit this market if you want to know more about Singaporeans and their way of life. Maybe even plan ahead and have lunch here in the local hawker centre.
    Suntec fountain
    Also known as the fountain of wealth. Until 1998 it was the largest fountain in the world. This large fountain build according to the rules of feng shui has a fountain that performs laser shows in the evening and during the day people can access the smaller fountain in the middle.
  • Cruise port information Singapore
    Marina bay
    This must be the most recognizable picture of Singapore. Marina bay is the large fresh water tank on which a lot of attractions in Singapore are situated on. It is a 24/7 thriving and energetic place where people live, work and play. Find the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Merlion, Esplanade, Flyer and Theaters by the Bay. Click here for the Marina Bay Panoramic map:
    China town
    This neighborhood teels the story of Chinese Heritage in Singapore. The largest ethnic group of Singapore is Chinese and therefore this is one of the most important districts. Find lots of cute shopping streets here for good prices souvenirs.
    The sail into Singapore
    The sail into Singapore is a very scenic one. The Singapore straits is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. The main highlights of Singapore will be visible from the ship. So make sure you are on the outside deck 1,5 hours before arrival or visa versa.
    Official taxis
    Taxis in Singapore have different colors although they often have a bright color like yellow or blue. Taxis operate 24 hours and can be flagged down. Taxis have a meter and you can often pay with credit card. Check the logos on the window.
    Asian Civilisations Museum
    An interesting museum housed in a historical building by the Singapore river is much more than a history lesson. With Singapore being such a melting pot of Asian cultures it is only right to have a museum that takes a grand exploration through the many cultures on this continent. 14.000 sq m space and 11 galleries display all kinds of artefacts from China, Southeast Asia, South Asia and West Asia.
    Boat Quay
    Just up the Singapore river we find the historical Boat Quay of Singapore. It used to be the busiest part of the old port of Singapore, nowadays it houses various bars, pubs and restaurants. Go here for a nice drink or dinner with a view.
    Bugis street
    What in the 50's and 60's was known for its nightly gathering of trans women is nowadays known for being a shopping paradise. Get your souvenirs here at reasonable prices or get your local snacks here.
    Vivo city
    This shopping mall is the largest in Singapore with over 340 shops. For the shop-a-holics: you don't have to go far, it is located right next to the Harbor Front Cruise Terminal. From the terminal it is about 300 meter walk.
    Clarke Quay
    Clarke Quay is a historical riverside quay. Nowadays it is mainly known for its entertainment and restaurant district in the evening.
    MRT ticket machine
    The MRT ticket station are easy probably the easiest machines in the world. Get any product for the Komuter train here.
    Construction work
    There is always construction work going on in Singapore. It is a city that will never be finished. Keep in mind though that it is only a small country and reclaiming land will be just as much part of the future as it currently is.
    This is the waterfront location just north of the mouth of the Singapore river. Along this boulevard you will find all kind of venues like the Theaters on the Bay and the Queen Elizabeth Walk. It is also the perfect spot to view the Laser and Water show that takes places here in the early evening.
    How to get into this pool?
    This is one of the most famous pool in the world. The only way to get into the pool is by booking a hotel room in the Marine Bay Sands hotel. Only hotel guests are able to use the facilities here.
    Singapore flyer
    This famous Ferris wheel in Singapore was the largest one in the world until surpassed by the Flyer in Las Vegas. Still it standing tall with an impressive height of 165 metres / 541 ft. Step in for unforgettable views over Singapore.
    Gardens by the bay
    This multi-award winning attractions is something not to be missed. Find 101 hectares of reclaimed land on which you will find one of the most spectacular gardens in the world. Explore the super-sized trees, the forest in the clouds, the flower dome, dragonfly and kingfisher lakes and much more. Reach it by MRT stop Bayfront or taxi.
    Goddess of Mercy temple
    At this unique Chinese temple you have to step into the fun. People come here wanting an answer from the Goddess of Mercy. they come her to get a tangible fortune prediction. Step inside, see if you can find out the ritual and join in.
    Hawkers centre
    Singaporeans have a national obsession: food.You will find Hawkers centres all over town. This is where the locals enjoy a meal of any sorts at one of the many food stalls inside. Join them for lunch, we are sure it is going to be a good one.
    Little India
    The raffles town plan said the ethnic groups had to be divided into different neighborhoods. Today this idea results into the buzzing historical district of Little India. Thee Singaporean Indian culture at its best here in this colorful neighborhood.
    Marina bay shopping mall
    One of the most luxurious malls of Singapore is the Marina Bay Shopping Mall. Find the international luxury brands and local labels in a unique piece of architecture. Find this shopping mall in front of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Reach by +/- 12 SGD taxi or at MRT stop Bayfront.
    Merlion is your mandatory photo stop in Singapore. This symbol of town represents Singapore (the Lions city) and Singapore as a fishing village. The statue now stand on the Marine Bay reservoir. Make sure to pop by!
    MRT ticket
    This MRT ticket will help you get anywhere within no time. Buy this ticket at the MRT station machines.
    River cruise
    Enjoy a beautiful cruise on one of the bumboats. It shows you a different Singapore from the water and it is a great way to see a lot in short amount of time. Pick it up at one of the 9 stop (Promenade, Bayfront south, Esplanade, Merlion park, Fullerton, Boat Quay, Clarke Quay, Read Bridge or Robertson Quay).
    Sentosa island
    This lies opposite the Harbour Front Cruise Terminal. Sentosa island is Asia's fabourite playground. On the island you will find Resorts, Siloso Point, Imbiah Lookout, Hard Rock Cafe, Golf courses and beaches. Reach the other city by taking the monorail from Vivo City or take the cable car close to the cruise terminal.
    Singapore Sling
    The famous cocktail found its birthplace in Singapore. It was invented in the Long Bar of the Raffles hotel by Ngiam Tong Boon, a Hainanese bartende, in 1915. When in Singapore....
    Trishaw Uncle
    Why not pick up a trishaw? At the entrance of Bugis street you will find these guys waiting for you. You can pick 1 of their 3 tours.