Cruise Destination VigoWelcome to the Vigo cruise port guide. Vigo is a rather large town of 300.000 inhabitants that earned the nickname ” The Green Spain”. It is Spain’s busiest fishing port. Life of Vigo has always been dedicated to the sea, although it is also a popular retreat for the Spaniards. Whenever they want to get away from the heat this is the perfect spot to go to. Vigo is one of the coolest places in Spain. Because this is such a popular destination for the Spaniards this is also the perfect spot to meet the.

The town centre is quite charming. It is packed with little market squares, charming alleyways and lots of restaurants. Especially the fish specialties is something you simply must try in Vigo.

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Cruise port of Vigo: your view from the ship

Once your ship is docked this is the gorgeous view you will have.

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Cruise port Vigo, Spain

This is the view you will have when your ship is docked in Vigo. The closest building it the cruise terminal, followed by the shopping mall and behind it you can already spot the towers of the church in the old town.

Cruise Terminal Vigo

This is the cruise terminal in Vigo.

Cruise Terminal Vigo, Spain

In the cruise terminal you will find some shops and wi-fi at the restaurant on the 2nd floor.

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Cruise Port Guide Vigo – Spain: docked

Cruise ships dock at Vigo’s Capitanía Marítima de Vigo. From there the city centre is a short walk. You will find it at just a few hundred meters in front of the cruise terminal. The cruise terminal itself offers lots of facilities. Here you can buy your souvenir, pick up your map at the tourist information centre or find one of the largest shopping malls. To go the city centre make sure to go through the shopping mall.


The train station is about 1 km away. See it marked on the map above. From here you can take the train to Santiago de Compostella for example. Check out the train schedule online:

At the main train station is also were you find your closes car rental.

There are also taxis available at the port. It will cost you about 5 euro one way into town per taxi or about 80 euro for roundtrip to Santiago de Compostella, depending on how long you will stay there.

There is no hop on hop off bus, although there is a tourist bus service that usually leaves 2 times in the morning. Check with the tourist information in the terminal what their schedule is for the day you are there.


There is wi-fi in the terminal that you have to pay for and also the shopping mall in front of the cruise terminal has several wi-fi spot.

Destination and distance from port

Vigo historical district = 500 meter to the south
La Guardia = 64 km to the south
Bayona = 43 km to the south
Pontevedra = 30 km to the north
Cambarro = 37 km to the north
Santiago de Compostella = 93 km to the north

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Official currency – Euro
Accepts Us dollars – generally not
Creditcards – are often accepted

Drives on the – right
Timezone – UTC +1


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Inhabitants – 46 million
Official language – Spanish
Capital city – Madrid

Kingdom of Spain
Government – Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy


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Good day – buen dia
How are you? – ¿como estas?
Thank you – gracias
Cruise ship – crucero
Port – puerto



    The official taxi of Vigo
    These are the official taxis of Vigo. The vehicles are white and they have a meter. Make sure to negotiate before stepping into the taxi.
    Tourist information
    The tourist information booth is right outside the terminal. Normally the tourist information sends over representatives with all the information you need to make the most out of your day ashore.
  • Vigo cruise terminal
    Vigo Cruise Terminal
    This is the cruise terminal on the dock in Vigo. Inside you will find shops and wi-fi.
    The walk into town
    The best way to walk into the town is to use the shopping centre. When you step outside the cruise terminal you will see a huge shopping mall in front of you and in the middle of this building you see a path going up. Follow this path to walk straight into the old town of Vigo.
    Vigo Marina
    You will find a beautiful marina right in front of the cruise terminal. This is one of the most exclusive marinas of Galicia.
    The old town of Vigo
    The old town is Vigo is gem to explore. It is not mentioned in many travel guides. It is located on the slopes of the town and it used to lead to Vigo's earliest port. The old quarter still has many of its original buildings like its Iglesia Concatedral de Santa Maria on this picture.
    Recommended city walk
    Cruise Crocodile will soon have a recommended city walk available.
    Rua do Principe
    For those looking for some shopping Rua do Principe is the street to go to. Find it at about 15 minute walk from the ship. See map above.
    The statues of Vigo
    The city of Vigo has invested a lot in statues and other works of art all over town. When you are randomly walking on the streets keep your eyes open for beautiful pieces like this.
    Praza Porta dol Sol
    This square marks the beginning and end of the historical and shopping district. Visit both districts to get a feel for the place.
    Refreshments on the terrace
    If you are just looking for a nice refreshment you don't have to go far. In front of the cruise terminal, at the marina, are plenty restaurants and cafe where you can enjoy a nice beverage in the sun.
    Theatre Garcia Barbon
    This amazing theatre in the city centre of Vigo was built in the 19th century by the people who wanted to introduce theatrical culture in the city. Today is it one of the most striking buildings in the city.