Cruise Curacao with Cruise CrocodileWelcome to the Curaçao cruise port guide. Curaçao has about 150.000 inhabitants. Its capital is Willemstad and this is also where your cruise ship is going to dock. Willemstad is a city split in two. Punda is where you find the famous Dutch Warf and markets (see picture). The other half of the city is Otrabanda, meaning “other side”. This is where most cruise ships will dock. The mega pier is at historical Rif Fort. This and many other forts, plantation houses and old warehouses show the vibrant history of Curaçao as a Dutch colony, slave trade centre and oil refinery. Curaçao is a cultural treasure If you take a look at its holidays for example you will notice it inherited the Dutch, Jewish, Venezuelan and local holidays. That is the beauty of Curaçao. As an inhabitant you celebrate holidays of many different cultures, because you tolerate them, but mainly because you always want a reason to celebrate. The island lies about 60 km off the coast of Venezuela. It is about 70 by 12 km. Its landscape is dry and the vegetation matches the climate. While the island might not have the most beautiful forests or scenery, it does have 28 beaches of which some are even in the world’s top 10. Find out underneath which ones they are in the cruise port guide for Curaçao.