This is one of the most beautiful cruise destinations in the world. Norway is known for its beautiful fjords, rugged coastline, colorful wooden houses and friendly people. It is one of the richest countries in the world and one of the most breathtaking.

If you take a cruise to Norway please know it is quite easy to get around by yourself. In general there are good facilities in port and town. It is a country that is more than willing to make a good first impression on our cruise guests. Please find general information underneath and click on the links underneath to learn more about your destinations.


Capital of Norway: Oslo
Language: Norwegian
Number of inhabitants: +/- 5,1 million

Currency: Norwegian Kroner
1 USD = +/- 6.80 NOK
1 EUR = +/- 8.50 NOK
Payment: Euro and USD are sometimes accepted, but creditcard is safe and widely accepted.

Taxis: Norwegian taxis do not have an official color. They are recognizable by their taxi sign. In Norway it is not usual to rent a taxi for number of hours because they are simply to expensive with a average of 700 NOK or 100 USD per hour.

Public Transport: In the larger cities public transportation will be available, but in a lot of the ports of call this will not be.
Hop on hop off busses are widely available and especially in the last couple of years they are showing up more and more in the ports of call.
The ports and destinations in Norway vary immensly from small fjord villages to large cities, therefore it is very important to check per port what your options on transportation are. Find your destination underneath and find out what is available.

  • Ålesund - Norway
    Ålesund is a city in Norway with about 45.000 inhabitants. It is a famous fishing port in the country, although it is most famous for its Art Nouveau style. In the night of 23rd of January 1904 a fire...
  • Bergen - Norway
    Bergen is the 2nd largest city of Norway with 270.000 inhabitants. It is a city build around 7 hills, just like Lisbon, Rome, Athens and Istanbul. Bergen is a very important city for Norway because it is a national...
  • Eidfjord - Norway
    Eidfjord is a little town in the western part of Norway. It has a population of almost a 1000 people that are depending on the income of tourism, hydro-electric power and fishing. It is situated in a unique environment...
  • Flåm - Norway
    Flåm might just be that little piece of paradise on earth. Good or bad weather, this port will not fail to amaze. It is a tiny little place where about 350 people live year round. The town exists out...
  • Molde - Norway
    Molde is a small town of 26.000 in Norway. It is beautifully located in the Romsdalfjord. It is one of the oldest ports in Norway because of its dramatic scenery. Cruise ships have been coming here since 1882....
  • Stavanger - Norway
    Stavanger is that pleasant little city in Norway and although we say “little” with 130.000 inhabitants it still is the 3rd largest city of the country. Stavanger might be one of the oldest cities in Norway. It never used...
  • Oslo - Norway
    Oslo is the capital city and most populous city in Norway with just over 600.000 inhabitants. The Norwegians classify a town of over 30.000 inhabitant to be a city. Bergen being their 2nd largest city with 260.000 inhabitants. So...
  • Kristiansand - Norway
    With a population of 90.000 Kristiansand is the 5th largest city in Norway. It is one of the fastest growing regions in Scandinavia thanks to its industries and geographical position. This is the reason why they call Kristiansand the...
  • Skjolden cruise destination
    Skjolden - Norway
    Skjolden is a small fjord village located at one the ends of the seconds largest fjord in the world. Around 200 people make picturesque Skjolden their home. To be able to reach Skjolden your cruise ship needs to navigate...
  • Trondheim - Norway
    Trondheim is one of the largest and most important cities in Norway. It has approximately 180.000 inhabitants. This makes it the 3rd largest city of Norway. In history it has been one of the most influential towns of the...
  • Honningsvag cruise destination
    Honningsvåg - Norway
    Honningsvåg is a small town of 2600 inhabitants in one of the remotest corners in the world. It lies 71 degrees north on the island of Magerøya. Magerøya means barren island and this is exactly what it is. When...
  • cruise-geiranger-waterfall-walk-2
    Geiranger - Norway
    Geiranger is the smallest but most impressive place imaginable. If you are taking a cruise to Norway to see the Norwegian fjords make sure Geiranger is on your itinerary. It simply doesn’t get more impressive than this. The reason...
  • Tromsø – Norway
    We find Tromsø 69° N, which means it lies well within the Arctic circle. About one third of Norway is part of the Arctic and Tromsø is the largest city of the North with 71.000 inhabitants. You will find...
  • Ulvik - Norway
    Ulvik is a small village with just over one thousand inhabitants. It lies hidden at the end of the Hardangerfjord, also known as the Queen of the fjords. The cruise ship leave open sea and will sail land inwards...