Southeast Asia’s Cruise Port Guides:

Bali – Indonesia
Jakarta – Indonesia
Komodo island – Indonesia
Lombok – Indonesia
Makassar – Indonesia
Penang – Malaysia
Port Klang – Malaysia
Semarang – Indonesia
Singapore – Singapore
Surabaya – Indonesia
Yangon – Myanmar

Find the Cruise Port Guides for the Southeast Asia underneath. In the Cruise Port Guides you will find free maps, docking location, port information, transportation options and lots more. Learn all you need to know before visiting the ports of call on your next cruise. Select the port of call you are looking for underneath.

  • Bali - Indonesia
    Bali truly is magical. It often is stamped “world’s best island” and we think, for now, we’ll join that statement. Bali is an island and province of Indonesia with just over 4,2 million inhabitants and you’ll find it is...
  • Jakarta - Indonesia
    Tanjung Priok is the sea port that has served Jakarta for the last five centuries. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. It is situated on the largest of all 17.000 islands: Java. Jakarta is rowdy, busy and...
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    Komodo island - Indonesia
    If Komodo island is on your itinerary consider yourself lucky. It is not that often that a cruise ship will visit this port. It is unique destination because this is where you’ll find the wild Komodo dragon. Today there...
  • Langkawi - Malaysia
    Langkawi is a Malaysian archipelago of 104 islands just 30 km off the coast of Malaysia. The islands are known for their exquisite beaches and their geological treasures. You will find lots of things to see and do here...
  • Lombok - Indonesia
    Lombok is the Indonesian island next to Bali. It has approximately 3,1 million inhabitants. Bali is the big tourist island whereas Lombok is the unspoiled destination. Sometimes it seems like time stood still here. Now is the time to...
  • Makassar - Indonesia
    Makassar or formerly known as Ujung Padang until the president changed it again in the 90’s. Both names are still being used today. Makassar is the a large town on the island of Sulawesi. This could be the...
  • Port Klang - Malaysia
    Port Klang is the gateway to Kuala Lumpur. It is the port that is closest to this magnificent city. Kuala Lumpur is a city with 1,6 million inhabitants and it is Southeast Asia’s youngest capitals. It developed far beyond...
  • Penang - Malaysia
    Penang is a state of Malaysia. It is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The old city offers a great combination of Chinese en Muslim influences. You will find the old town is filled with colonial buildings,...
  • Semarang - Indonesia
    Semarang is a mega city of 2 million inhabitants. This bustling city is a reflection of modern Java. You will find the super malls along side the old Dutch colonial quarter. Learn about the Chinese heritage in China town...
  • Singapore - Singapore
    Singapore is a tiny country with 5,5 million inhabitants located all the way at the southern tip of the Malay peninsula. It is trendy, modern and bustling. It is one of the most powerful economies in the world known...
  • Surabaya - Indonesia
    Surabaya is a city of 2.4 million inhabitants. That makes it the 2nd largest city in Indonesia. You could basically say Surabaya is Indonesia in a nutshell. In the 8 centuries that Surabaya exists it has seen empires...
  • Thilawa - Rangoon - Myanmar
    Yangon is the official name of the city although often Rangoon is still used. It is the former capital of Myanmar, while it is still the largest city with a population of over 5 million. Yangon is an intense...